House Concert

So, what is a house concert? 

A house concert is a gathering of friends in your home, enjoying live music, food and libations. Most are done as potlucks, with everyone bringing their favorite dish or drinks. House concerts are cozy, intimate, and allow the artists to really connect with their audience. 

A house concert can be: 

* an alternative to going out on a Friday night 

* a ladies night for all your girlfriends 

* a concert under the stars on your deck 

* a reason to get all your friends together 

* a way to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion 

* an opportunity to enjoy music and friends in your home 

* a great way to support the artists you love 

How many people should attend a house concert? 

Usually between 20-60 people. The beauty of a house concert is that it is purposely more intimate and focuses on quality over quantity. Traditional venues rely solely on numbers, making public shows more about quantity. 

Do house concerts cost anything? 

House concerts are generally a suggested donation of $15-$20 per person. It supports the artist and helps to cover traveling & touring expenses on the road. (and allows them to keep providing amazing music) *If someone isn’t able to afford to donate, it’s ok.. Music should be available to all of us ???


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