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If you haven’t felt Tempa sing the blues, let us introduce you. When Tempa sings the blues, you feel the blues and that seems to be part of a divine plan. From the receipt of the perfect stage name shortly after birth, to her unusual upbringing, to the colorful people she has met along life’s path, and a healthy dose of her own passion, Tempa has been molded into a one of a kind performer with a haunting, magnetic quality that holds her audience spellbound.”

— Mark Stout, What's Doing Tonight Guide to Colorado Living & Entertainment

The tie that bound this performance was Tempa -- hot, expressive, and powerfully talented. When you have a standout blues vocalist backed up by highly flexible group of musicians, pumped up by a love for hard driving blues, you have a great evening”

— Black Rose Acoustic Society

If your going to see Tempa And The Tantrums play, you need to realize a few things. First, if you just want to sit there and have a beer it's not going to happen, you can't sit still and watch this band. It's not going to happen...just trust me on this, your ass will be shaking. While your groovin' to the music you're also going to be fixated on Tempa. The woman has some kind of weird magnetic stage presence that you can't ignore. Tempa needs her own paragraph... Tempa Singer has a voice that sounds hand crafted for the blues. Her sultry vocals can go from smooth and soulful to raspy and powerful in an instant. She goes from bouncing around, tossing her red hair up in the air to closing her eyes and holding notes that almost seem unreal. I swear I never saw it coming, Fantastic music!”

— Denver Local Music Scene .Com, Artists in the spotlight - Tempa And The Tantrums Denver Local Music Scene .Com

Best All-Comers Jam - 2007 Tantrums Jam As if musicians needed another reason not to make it into work. The Tantrums Jam, hosted each Wednesday night at Kokopelli's by Tempa Singer and her Tantrums bandmates, has become the mid-week gathering place for local players to get loaded and get down. While guitarists currently make up a majority of the jammers, a fair share of drummers, bassists and singers also make it out for the impromptu performances. So whether you're itchin' to unleash your pipes on jump-blues cuts like "Caldonia" or jonesin' to shred on tunes like "The Sky Is Crying," there's bound to be someone who's willing to throw down. And if that weren't enough to entice you, catching an eyeful (and earful) of the fiery Singer should seal the deal. The stunning homegrown diva has shared the stage with legends like B.B. King and Jeff Beck -- and she might share it with you, if you've got the chops.”

— Denver Westword's Best of~ Best All-Comers Jam - 2007 Tantrums Jam

If this show did one thing for Tempa and her band The Tantrums, it solidified her ability to deliver a professional show full of grace, charm, humor, spirit and intimacy to Denver's music loving audience. She has clearly entered the ranks of great Colorado artists that have earned their respect and admiration from peers as well as fans.It was evident that her Homage To The Women Of Blues, Gospel, and Soul had connected with all who attended. Tempa and the Tantrums did it with class. It was a fun and very special night at Lannie's. As a music lover who has witnessed both her "Big" show at Lannie's and her wickedly engaging romp of music and friendship every Wednesday at Kokopelli's, Tempa has truly found her way into the hearts of those thirsty for that creative source that heals and entertains the soul, no matter which stage you catch her on. I for one feel blessed to know such a person. A gem of an artist, & treasured night of music in the Mile High City.”

— Tommy Nahulu, "The History of Women in Blues, Gospel, and Soul" show at Lannie's Cabaret

Belting out the blues, tossing her red mane, Tempa dominates the stage with distinct animal energy.”

— Jane Mcbee, Colorado Springs Independent

Tempa Singer is no run-of-the-mill blues diva. That is, unless the blues in question contain a healthy dose of bluegrass. While this chanteuse possesses a set of pipes steeped in the blues, she's not about to be painted into any corners. ”


Tempa and the Tantrums. Tempa Singer is the lead vocalist, and sings the Blues with asounding passion. She has character and expression like I've heard only in singers like Lannie Garrett and Koko taylor. A refreshing talent to the area. This hot band played Blues straight ahead. See this act as soon as you can.”

— By Tony Lombardi and Jim Primock, Red Hot Weekend, Denver Blues & Bones Festival

Best Blues/R&B Album 2007 6th Annual Hapi Skratch Awards”

Hapi Skratch Records

Tempa & The Tantrums This Denver blues project has a touch of savory jazz and a hint of R&B. Tempa J. Singer, the band's lead vocalist has the originality of Janis Joplin and the red-headed sassiness of Bonnie Raitt.”

— Colorado Springs Gazette

Winner of "Best Blues Band" Colorado Westword Music Showcase Awards 2006”

— Westword