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Glass of the Blues

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Lyrics and Music by:
Tempa Singer-Nave, Jon Woodhead & Naor Nave


Glass Of The Blues

I'm lonely in this room
and down to my last excuse
I'll sit here and think it through
But I know in my soul that I'm,
I'm leaving you

Baby it's just no good
Sometimes you win when ya' lose
Gonna pour myself a glass
of the blues

My weary mind drags me low
But I can't talk to you
cause' you all ready know
Boy, I have to let go
I always knew I could never
call you home


You told me to leave you
Said, you wanted it that way
Is that the lie you tell yourself
To get you through another day
Just one more day

The darkness is so unkind
Only one way to ease my worried mind
I'll sing my cries that you'll never hear
My lullaby of goodbye, goodbye my dear