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  1. Kiss Me

From the recording Ember's Fire Review


Kiss Me
Lyrics and Music by:
Tempa Singer-Nave and Naor Nave

Every lovers face fades
You fill the space with
your embrace
You fought my demons
Untied my wings
Unlocked the door
You found the key.. Kiss Me

You always finish what I start
Make me laugh when I fall apart
Held me in your lovin’ arms
Disarmed me with all your charms
My soul relieved..
Kiss Me

Said that we were perfect imperfection
Pointed me in the right direction
Carried my baggage
Loved the whole package
I waited so long..
You finished my song

I was tongue tied
and out of place
You called me home
Shared your space
Melted the heartache away
with a smile
And loving me all the while..
Kiss Me

Kiss Me.. Kiss Me
Baby Kiss Me..
Come here.. Kiss Me